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A DUST 514 Wiki

Dust 514 is a first person shooter developed by CCP Games. It is integrated with their space MMO EVE Online in the same universe New Eden, and essentially both games are two windows through which to view the same world. This wiki is dedicated to the goal of providing detailed information about DUST 514 to players, and hopefully persuade these players into understanding New Eden not as a game, but truly another universe.

Please also check out the main Dust514.info website! Here you'll find the latest news and important information on DUST.

NOTE: If you're new and looking for some guidance, check out The Newberry's Guide to the Galaxy. Featuring insightful observations and in-depth explanations, simply reading this guide before you venture into the game can prove invaluable.

URGENT: Hotfix Charlie will feature major changes for multiple modules and dropsuit sometime soon. we need all the help we can get to upload and update all data up to Hotfix Charlie. Your help will be appreciated!

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Dropsuits provides the constraints for what equipment you can fit, and how effectively they can be utilised. Dropsuits come in four types, with different tiers of capabilities..


Did you know...

  • Uprising 1.9 is coming out November 4th and will feature Aur sales for Skill ReSpecs?
  • Your Loyalty to Faction Warfare will actually Mean something in Uprising 1.9?
  • You can sell stuff back to the market in 1.9?
  • that you should check out the patch notes for Uprising 1.9?
  • That green stuff you can fall into in certain in-game maps burns you to death? It seems to be some form of clone vat acid for dissembling clones... icky.
  • Dogs have 4 legs!
  • You can check your region IP address
  • Wikis should preferably be unbiased.
  • DUST514 is fun to play.
  • Facts are facts are facts.
  • RDV Bolas', the drone vehicles which deploy your vehicles, have relatively primitive AI systems to prevent them from going rogue?
  • Lampposts are more resilient than dropships.
  • This wiki is awesome.
  • To add a pretty trademark superscript to your SOONs, simply hold down the Alt key and press the numbers 0-1-5-3 on your numberpad. Voila!
  • SOON™
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