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War Barge

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The War Barge is a huge spaceship, big enough to carry several MCCs. This mothership stays in orbit, a platform for supplies such as installations and RDVs which deploy vehicles from orbit. The war barge acts as another link to the universe of New Eden and EVE Online, loosely tying into the lore transportation methods of mercenaries. Technically, these war barges carry mercenaries, potentially whole corporations, to planets to initiate full-scale war. However, it is unlikely that there will be any interaction between EVE pilots and the war barge.

[edit] The Command Pit

1110798-dust514 wb commandpit.jpg

Before the beginning of the battle, mercenaries spawn into the war barge's staging/command pit, more commonly known to mercs as "The War Room". This is where information about the upcoming battle can be found, and tactics between team members are formed. You may also alter dropsuit/vehicle fittings using the kiosks in the War Room, however access to your NeoCom is available.

Currently, the unique match information available is limited only to the scoreboard; you only know the names of your enemies, and their corporation.

When joining a newly formed instant battle, mercenaries will be deployed into this command pit to await insertion via MCC. When joining a battle already in progress however, mercenaries are instantly deployed into the battlefield, and the MCC staging period is skipped entirely.

Planetary Conquest battles have longer pre-match time than instant battles; this is most likely to account for tactical planning and ensure that both sides have enough time to field a full team in the event of a disconnection or sudden inability to play by one or more players.

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